It’s time to address the big silver elephant in the room. Over the winter, AshLeigh worked on building an air exchange system that does two things: it takes OUT the hot and humid air and BRINGS IN fresh, clean, air from the outside… air that is not humid, but has been heated so as to not reduce the heat during class. This has two benefits: in the studio, you will be able to breathe easier and see yourself better (less foggy mirrors) because there won’t be as much humidity in the room. In the lobby it will reduce the heat and humidity out there as well.

We finally have ordering available for the new Ignite Water Bottles.

📅 Orders will take approximately 2 weeks.
🗨️ Choose either “Yes You Can” or “But Did You Die”.
🧴 Sizes available are 32 oz or 40 oz.
🌈 Choose your color.
💰 Payment will be collected when you pickup.

Order click here or fill out the form at the studio.

Late Arrival to Class

Please be aware that the 5:15am classes do not have front desk staff. To better start classes on time, we ask that you get to the studio in enough time to secure a spot and on your mat at 5:15am. We will be locking the front doors promptly at 5:15am when the instructor starts the class. 

Lost & Found

Did you know we have a lost and found area! Between the 2 bathrooms, the top right cubby is designated for lost & found items. 

Towel Usage

We are happy to provide towels for members and guests to use for showering after class, however, please be mindful to only use the towels for showering, and do not bring into the studio for class.
Additionally, for sanitary reasons, we do not hand out face towels for use during class. 
If you are needing a great set of towels for yoga (includes mat towel & face towel), this is a great set for under $23!

Elite Women’s Soccer in Sioux Falls

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Sioux Falls City Football Club, supporting Elite Women’s Soccer in Sioux Falls!

Their first home game is Friday, June 3 at Bob Young Field – make sure to mark your calendars and show your support!

Hope and her husband Evan will be moving to Minneapolis next month. Evan just graduated with his MD and will be doing his fellowship there. Hope, I guess, has to go with. 😉 Hope is a bright passionate, hardworking, funny and lovable human. We have all loved her on the team, and in our lives. Ignite is SO BLESSED to have you grow and develop the community. Wherever this girl goes, and whatever she does, I can assure you she will be giving 100%.
Best wishes to you and Evan on your next chapter!!