A Gentle Note Of Assurance To All Our Friends

In light of COVID-19, Ignite Infrared Fitness Studio has stepped up on the precautionary measures and tightened the procedures in efforts to avoid disruption and provide a safe and comfortable environment for our members and staff.

Please note that Ignite Infrared Fitness Studio reserves the right to refuse anyone from attending any classes if they exhibit any signs of illness.

Below are a few of the safety measures put in place:

Equipment Cleaning

Please leave any rental mats on the floor after using so we can properly disinfect and clean them. If you use any of our hand weights, please place in front of the weight rack after class. They will be wiped down and restacked after each class. 

The studio floor is thoroughly cleaned with doTERRA On Guard after each class. The traffic area is also cleaned after each class, and steam cleaned at the end of the day. 

Recent Travel

We kindly ask all members/visitors who have a recent travel history to any overseas countries, or hot spot areas within the United States (Florida, Texas, Arizona) within the last 14 days to refrain from entering the studio. 

If you feel sick, please stay home.

If you are experiencing any sign of illness, not limited to fever, shortness of breath, cough and other symptoms of cold or flu, please do not come to the studio.


Hand Sanitizers & Washing

Hand sanitizers are provided in the lobby area and on the water dispenser. We encourage you to wash your hands with doTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash provided in each restroom before and after class.

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