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Infrared Yoga Sculpt

A high-energy total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group by combining yoga with weights and cardio. Yoga Sculpt gets the blood pumping and the breath flowing, burns an incredible amount of calories while strengthening, lengthening, balancing and fortifying from the outside in.

You will leave feeling uplifted, accomplished and refreshed.

Modifications are offered in all classes, so this class is good for all practice levels.

Most of our Sculpt classes are 45-minutes.
The 5:15am Sculpt classes and Saturday/Sunday Sculpt are 60-minutes.
Sunday at 6:30am we have an extended 75-minute Endurance Sculpt (subject to change).

Infrared Yoga Strong

This class is designed to push your muscles outside their comfort zone, forcing them to rebuild stronger to prepare for the next challenge. Expect high repetition toning moves incorporated with the Yoga flow, while adding in hand weights and resistance bands to give you an extra edge on burning big calories and maximizing the efficiency of your workout.
Modifications are offered in this class  – so is appropriate for all levels.

Infrared Circuit

Circuit training is a workout that involves rotating through various exercises targeting different parts of the body. Focusing on different muscle groups in a short amount of time is an effective way to build muscle, endurance and can be adjusted based on your strength and ability.
Expect various types of circuits (repetition and/or timed) to be performed during the 45 minute class, while enjoying the many benefits of infrared heat.

Infrared Hot 60

The traditional patented 26 poses and 2 breathing exercise do not change in this class no matter where you go around the world. It is a great way to gage your balance, strength, and flexibility along your practice.  Good for all levels.  

Infrared Restore

Soft tunes, low lights, chill vibes, and long holds. Gentle flow to stretch and open up the whole body. Progress to long holds using props to create an active relaxation for your mind and body. This is great to help your body work through any built up tension. 

Deep Breath Work and Meditation

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery with our Deep Breathwork and Meditation Class. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that combines the power of a sound bath and a deep transcendent meditation. Through a range of deep breathing techniques and the resonating vibrations of sound bowls, we invite you to explore the depths of your inner being and forge a deep connection within. Leave the class feeling grounded, connected, and filled with profound sense of inner peace.
Led by Tamme Berdahl with Spread the Health

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