Meet Our NEW Instructors

Maggie Sweetman Ignite Instructor

Maggie Sweetman

Maggie took her first yoga sculpt class in 7th grade. Ever since her mom started taking her to classes, she fell in love with moving to the beat and the high energy. She continued attending classes throughout middle school and high school with the dream of becoming an instructor.

She decided to get certified in the fall of 2022 and her teaching journey began shortly after. Her favorite thing to do in class is pick up heavy weights and do some squats and lunges!

Maggie is a junior at O’Gorman High School (2023) and is on the dance team and runs track. Outside of the studio you can find Maggie hanging out with friends, spending time at the lake with her family, going on walks with her mom and dog, or eating ice cream!

Mady Rezak Instructor at Ignite Fitness Sioux Falls

Mady Rezak

Mady fell in love with Ignite and yoga sculpt in 2020 when she took her first ever class – Amy’s sculpt certification class! Mady has been attending classes ever since.

Her favorite thing to do while teaching is finding ways to engage big & small muscle groups into movement while really feeling the BURN! She loves a good cardio, too.

Mady now is a licensed cosmologist and is working at the spa in Grand Falls Casino. In her free time she enjoys attending classes, hanging out with her sister & friends, going on bike rides, and of course going on coffee runs!!

Carly Buehner Instructor at Ignite Fitness Sioux Falls

Carly Buehner

Carly started coming to Ignite in October 2020 and has been working the front desk ever since. She decided to get Sculpt Certified in the Fall of 2022 and became an instructor shortly after. Her favorite thing to do in class is get your heart rate up then grab the heavies to slow it down. She loves finding the perfect mashup up to play in class. Carly is a senior at Augustana University studying Communication Disorders and Special Education. Next year plans to attend graduate school to become a Speech Language Pathologist. Her favorite thing to do is travel and attend concerts. When she’s not at the studio you can find her reading, grabbing coffee with friends, or going on long walks.

Nikka Dosado Instructor at Ignite Fitness Sioux falls

Nikka Dosado

Nikka started her yoga sculpt journey in 2019. She started coming to Ignite in 2020 and was hooked. She had the goal to become an instructor and took the certification in the fall of 2022. She became an instructor shortly after that. She loves a good beat and finding new music to pulse it out to.

If she’s not at the studio, you can find her in the back room of Lululemon where she works as the Store Inventory Lead. In her free time, you can find her spending time with friends and family or attending classes. She also loves to travel, sour candy, and all things makeup and skincare! 

Taylor Lindeman Instructor at Ignite Fitness in Sioux Falls

Taylor Lindeman

Taylor has been going to yoga sculpt classes for several years. She worked the front desk at Ignite when we first opened, and this past fall was certified and started teaching classes in December of 2022. Her favorite thing when teaching is the music and finding good remixes of songs.

Taylor is on her 4th year of teaching Fourth grade at Garfield Elementary. She is also a graduate student at USF, and will graduate in May with her masters degree in Leadership.

When she’s not teaching (at school or the studio), you can find her spending time with her husband (Austin), hanging out with her family and friends, reading, drinking coffee and eating chocolate. She loves all things beauty and fitness related and loves recommending products to anyone!

August Newsletter

Have you ever spent ANY amount of time listening to a “self improvement” podcast, or read a self help book and felt SUPER motivated? For a few days. Maybe even a few weeks. And then hit a roadblock? 

You are not alone. 

We found a great article that will teach you a few tips on how to PERSONALIZE motivation and build it from the inside out. Click here to read.

Price Increase
We haven’t had a price increase on anything at the studio since we opened in 2020. There will be a slight increase in our punch cards and unlimited memberships effective September 1. The prices will be updated on our website and on the mobile app. If you are on an auto renew membership, the price will automatically updated.

As promised, Groupie Memberships will remain the same price.

Teacher Supply Drive
This is the final week for the teacher supply drive. We have a box available at the studio for you to drop items in. You can view a list of items to get an idea of the things we are collecting, otherwise anythign you think a teacher could use for the upcoming school year!

Ignite Gear – Up to 40% Off
We are “gearing” up for our fall & winter gear, so we need to make room!! 

    • Anything neon is 30% off. This includes the neon yellow, pink, orange or black tank tops and hats. 
    • Everything else is 40% off. This includes hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, beanies and hats.
    • Excluded items are lululemon mats, water bottles, food or beverages.

Sculpt Certification
September 23-25, 2022 (to be confirmed)
Cost is $650. Pre-registration is required. Space is limited.

We will be holding our fall Sculpt Certification. For more details and information, please talk to AshLeigh or Maddie.

For consideration, please click here to complete the form on our website.

Original Yoga Toes

If you are suffering from Bunions, Hammer Toes, Plantar Fasciitis, or Chronic Foot Pain, YogaToes are a must. Endurance, balance, and mobility all depend on well-functioning toes. YogaToes soothe aching feet and strengthen neglected, weak toes – fixing foot problems naturally.

Available on Amazon for $36.95

Kyani Electro

Electro is an easy on-the-go hydration solution. Electro not only optimizes and replenishes the electrolytes within your body but also supports nitric oxide regeneration through our proprietary polyphenol nitro regeneration blend (NR-8).

Simple to use, just mix one stick pack with 12-16 ounces of cold water and enjoy!

Available in Crisp Apple and Coconut Lime


You put down your self-help book and you feel ready. You are ready to conquer any Herculean task that is standing in your way to success. You are transformed, and you cannot wait to show the world what you are capable of. The next day, you wake up early in the morning. You turn off your phone’s alarm clock with such energy you know you are going to smash the day. 

A week passes by, and you are still smashing it. People around you start to notice. You are a changed man! Another week passes by, you feel a bit drained, but you soldier on. In the third week, you feel kind of sick of anything motivation related — what happened here?

I asked myself the same question countless times, and I came to the realisation that mass-produced motivation can only last so long. What happened is that you got a boost in motivation from the self-help book, but you did not achieve sustainable motivation; the one that lasts forever.

The only way you can stay motivated is to personalise your motivation. Make it as personal as possible. You must look at motivation from a bottom-up, not top-down, perspective.

In this article, I am going to show you how to do just that. You are going to learn a few tips on how you can personalise motivation, building it from the inside out.  

1. Diagnose your strengths

The first step to personalise your motivation is to pinpoint and capitalise on your strengths.

What is your strong suit?

There are two ways to find the answer:

  • Analyse the history of your achievements
  • Ask people who know you well

For example, when I was a university student, I got the highest grade in public speaking. People also often told me that I had a good way with words (I am saying that humbly!). What does all this mean?

It means I have charisma. I am able to inspire others with my words. So, how can I use this to personalise my motivation?

Well, if I can inspire people with my words, I can inspire myself with them, too. I talk to myself every day. Whenever I run low on motivation, I use metaphors, similes and personification created from my own imagination to shake off whatever parasite that is sucking strength out of my soul. My words never failed me.

Pinpoint your strengths and capitalize on them.

2. Tap the power of personal symbolism

Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas. For example, the cross is a symbol of redemption and sacrifice.

Motivation and success are the driving forces behind everything you do, and your strengths help you smash through challenges to reach your destination. So, why do you not give all this a concrete shape?

When you give what you believe in a concrete shape, it does not just become part of who you are. It becomes who you are. This gives motivation a whole new meaning.

For example, a few of my strengths are intensity, passion, physical energy, yearn for self-expression and somewhat deeply buried anger at the idea of anyone being better than me at what I do. I decided that the sun symbol perfectly represents who I am and how I overcome my moments of weakness.

I wear my sun necklace all the time. It is part of my motivation. It shows the world my motivation, and I love it when people ask me about it.

Here are a few other ways to draw on the power of motivational symbolism:

  • Choose a symbol that best represents your motivational philosophy
  • Create your own ID card. Your picture, name, symbol of your choosing and other information that matters to you should all be there.
  • Rings, necklaces and bracelets with the symbol of your choosing are great ways to materialise your motivation
  • Tattoos are also an option, but I do not recommend them. They are not easily disposable and as you progress in your motivation journey, what motivates and what does not motivate you may change drastically. You do not want to be rigid.

3. Ritualize your motivation

Another way to make motivation who you are, not just part of who you are, is to ritualize it. Make motivation a habitnot just something that you do ‘’from time to time’’. 

Motivate yourself every day. Wake up in the morning and remind yourself of what matters to you. What you are doing is going to pay off one day. Visualise how you will feel when you achieve your goal and the things it will bring you: money, power, sex and fame. All what is between you and these things is hard and smart work.

I have my own personally-written motivation speech read every morning. The speech reflects my deepest desires. Nobody can unlock its massive power but me. I read it aloud and I feel the words reverberate in my soul.

Make motivation a habit.

4. Adapt, not adopt

While good motivation articles may provide guidance, they do not provide answers because only you can find them. People who write about motivation do not know you as well as you know yourself. Tailor mass-produced motivation articles to your own individual needs, experiences, tastes and intelligence.

For example, if a motivation article suggests that you do the task you dread the most in the morning while you are an afternoon person, you are not going to do it in the morning. You can see how a motivation article can provide you with an idea; do what you are scared of the most when you are at your best. However, ‘’when you are at your best’’ varies from individual to individual.

Adapt what you read to your uniqueness to concoct personalised motivation.

5. Take breaks and make them count

Ignoring breaks — I have been there. You would like to think that you are strong and resilient, and you probably are, but ignoring breaks is not going to get you anywhere. Just like muscles need rest to reduce lactic acid build-up after a hard workout, so does your motivation. However, you do not want to wait until you are burnt out. This mistake cost me a lot.

Make time for your break every week or every couple of weeks at max. A full day of rest is also part of your motivation because you will be looking forward to it when you are working hard.

Make your breaks count, too. No mobile phones or anything of the sort. You have been straining your eyes all this time looking at screens and documents. You need to give all of you a break on your free day. Light exercising is okay, but it should not exceed 20 minutes. Avoid anything and anyone that may deplete your will power reserves – including difficult friends.  

Take breaks and make them count. You will come back stronger.


Personalised motivation is the most powerful motivation. It is motivation that is deeply attached to your idiosyncratic needs, tastes, experiences and logic. Mass-produced motivation articles provide nothing more than guidance. They are a starting point, not an answer to a deeply personal question; how can I be and stay motivated?

The secret is in the ingredients, not the recipe. The most powerful ingredients grow in one and one place only; you.

Original article from

Teacher Supply Drive

Help us support our incredibly hardworking teachers!

Now through the end of July we will be collecting supplies for our members who are teachers! For each bag of school supplies donated, we will give you a 25% Off Discount Card to be used at the studio for any retail item.

Do not feel like you need to stick to only what is on the list – if you feel like it’s something a teacher could use, please bring it!

Ignite’s 2nd Birthday

Join us for two days of celebrating the past 2 years of Ignite!

Thursday, June 30th
Inflatables in the parking lot from 8:00am until 6:00pm.
Dakota Snow will be here from 4:00pm until 6:00pm.
Bring the whole family to enjoy the weather, have some snacks and hang out!

Friday, July 1st
Black Iron Waffles will be here from 6:00am until 10:00am.

Every class will have a winner!
Before each class on both Thursday & Friday, be sure to get signed up to win a prize, just for attending class! (you need to be present at the END of class to win)

These prizes include Be Right Bites, Fit Revolution Shakes, Nautical Bowls, various Ignite gear, Lululemon Mat(s), and more! 

There will be 4 Grand Prizes given away on Friday evening.
All of the names that are signed up in class will be added to the Grand Prize bucket – which we will draw the lucky winner(s) on Friday evening! So the more classes you attend, the more chances you have to win one of the amazing Grand Prizes!!

These prizes include Lululemon Outfit for a female (bra & leggings); Lululemon Outfit for a male (shirt & shorts); Private Party at Ignite; and a $100 account credit at Ignite.