Giving Christmas

Giving Christmas

Every year we adopt a family through Giving Christmas – Sioux Falls, SD on Facebook. With the generous hearts of all of our members and staff, we have been able to bless 16 children with gifts they wouldn’t have otherwise received. And we are doing it again this year!

To participate – we have ornament tags hanging on the tree at the studio.

    1. Take a gift tag off the tree. KEEP IT.
    2. Purchase the item and tape the tag on the item.
    3. Bring the item back to the studio with the tag taped to it.
    4. Return the item no later than December 20, 2023.

Family #1 – Husband & Wife with 3 Children

I recently had my third and final child a month early and have been out of work since August. A week after I had her my husband broke his arm and was out of work for 2 weeks. Which put us financially behind as we were already down to one income in our house. We have been struggling to catch up on our bills and with a new baby it’s been a financial adjustment.

Child 1- Boy 8 years old. Loves all things Minecraft, Fortnite, legos, drawing/art and coding on his computer through his robotics camp.

His favorite color is blue.
Favorite movie is Dr. Strange Movies. 
He will not wear jeans – due to a texture sensitivity.

T-shirt & pant size 8.
Shoe size 2.

Child 2- Boy 6 years old. Loves Bluey, Minecraft, legos, science experiements. He loves to be just like his big brother so they tend to share similar interests

His favorite color is “diamond” light blue.
Favorite movies are Marvel or Lego movies.

T-shirt & pant size 8.
Shoe size 1.

Child 3- Girl 3 months. Had a girl for my final child and so far apart I have had to start from scratch. She’s is rolling and loves moving. I only have a swing for her.

Clothing size 3-6 month and 6-9 month.
Diapers – size 2 & 3 Huggies brand
Wipes – Huggies or Pampers Sensitive


Family #2 – Single dad with 2 girls & 1 son

Dad is a single dad who works nights at Walmart. They do not have a car. The girls are very girly girly and without a mom in their life, we are excited to shower them with all things girly! Plus, the oldest child is the only boy, so I imagine a lot of responsibility falls on him. The wishlist for this family is a bit higher ticketed items – we asked the children to complete the form themselves. 

Child 1 – Boy in Middle School 

Favorite color: Green
Favorite activity: music
Favorite restaurant: Taco Johns

Shirt Size – Adult XL
Pant Size – Adult 36 x 32
Shoe Size – Adult 12

Child 2 – Girl in 5th Grade

Favorite color: Blue & Pink
Favorite activity: Shopping
Favorite restaurant: Panda Express

Shirt Size – Youth 10-12
Pant Size – Youth 12-14
Shoe Size – Adult 6 or 6.5

Child 2 – Girl in 4th Grade

Favorite color: Red & Purple
Favorite activity: Shopping
Favorite restaurant: Panda Express

Shirt Size – Youth 10-12
Pant Size – Youth 19-12
Shoe Size – Adult 5.5

Ignite’s 2nd Birthday

Join us for two days of celebrating the past 2 years of Ignite!

Thursday, June 30th
Inflatables in the parking lot from 8:00am until 6:00pm.
Dakota Snow will be here from 4:00pm until 6:00pm.
Bring the whole family to enjoy the weather, have some snacks and hang out!

Friday, July 1st
Black Iron Waffles will be here from 6:00am until 10:00am.

Every class will have a winner!
Before each class on both Thursday & Friday, be sure to get signed up to win a prize, just for attending class! (you need to be present at the END of class to win)

These prizes include Be Right Bites, Fit Revolution Shakes, Nautical Bowls, various Ignite gear, Lululemon Mat(s), and more! 

There will be 4 Grand Prizes given away on Friday evening.
All of the names that are signed up in class will be added to the Grand Prize bucket – which we will draw the lucky winner(s) on Friday evening! So the more classes you attend, the more chances you have to win one of the amazing Grand Prizes!!

These prizes include Lululemon Outfit for a female (bra & leggings); Lululemon Outfit for a male (shirt & shorts); Private Party at Ignite; and a $100 account credit at Ignite.